I am currently drowning in a sea of synchronicities. Nocturnal dreams. Waking time validations of those dreams. Messages from my angels and guides that overlap perfectly with my “here and now.”

No, I don’t consider that bad at all. But there are times when the Universe wants our attention bad enough to do something drastic. And I guess my schedule lately didn’t have me paying close enough attention because this happened:                                                                                                                      

That’s my left hand a few minutes after foolishly taking the handle of a skillet that had just come out of a 400 degree oven. And let me tell you, that hurts. A lot.

I believe that nearly everything has a meaning so when something like that happens, my angels and guides definitely get my attention. As soon as hubby had me bandaged up, I was processing.

Why did this happen? What is the message?

First of all – miraculously – I am fine. The next day I just felt like I had a sunburn and by the following day, there was no indication that anything had happened at all. I am very grateful for that.

As to the reason this happened, right away things came to mind. In case you didn’t know, the left side of your body is generally considered to be the receiving part of your body. The right side is the giving side. I have been getting messages that I am not doing a good job at receiving. I am doing a great job at giving, but the balance isn’t there.

Ok, so let me think… could the Universe be trying to tell me that if I don’t learn some balance about receiving I might get burned? Or possibly burn out?

At the same time that message came into my awareness, my travel schedule required that my trip to Kripalu meant arriving a couple of days early. I was initially very frustrated by that. My conscious mind knew I had writing deadlines and that part of me did not like me cooling my heels waiting for my 3 day course to come along. To make things all the more complicated, Kripalu was undergoing maintenance and was shut down. So I had to find other lodging.

This turned out to be a massive blessing. Right after the burn incident, I found myself staying in the most enchanting of tiny towns in the Berkshires at a B&B.

Alone. No seriously, completely alone. No one else was in this huge house I had a room in. Even the owners were on vacation. Just little ole me sitting in a tiny little room in a gigantic old mansion. And as if I needed anymore reminding that I was angelically loved, this was hanging on the wall in front of my bed: 


The Universe had just forced me to spend time with my own thoughts, in a place where I couldn’t take care of anyone else, with an angel’s face staring right at me. Guess if I was going to care-take, I’d just have to take care of me.

Wow. Talk about a red-hot revelation.

In my time there, I had time to reflect. I reached out to others I knew and trusted for help, guidance, and insight. I let myself receive.

So rather than you having to get your revelations in such an intense way, I invite you to stop and think. What are your angels and guides trying to tell you? What is it that you’re not hearing?

What red-hot revelations might be trying to get through to you?

Angel blessings,




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