Yeah. I know. That’s a heck of subject for a blog, right? Releasing Your Resistance to What You Want. Who would ever resist their dreams?

Lots of people. Every. Single. Day.

You may be asking yourself why that would be? Well, I think the answer to that is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of making the wrong choice. That also can lead the ego to convince them that they are trapped. For some, feeling trapped is more comfortable than the idea that they should take a big risk and just go for their dreams.

And my experience is that people who are resisting their happiness have absolutely no idea they are doing it.

So how can you know if that’s you?

First of all, get clear in your own mind that what you’re about to do is merely an exercise. You’re not making big decisions in this moment. You’re not quitting your job, moving to Hawaii, or ending a relationship in this moment. This is just an exercise.

Next, call in the angels. Ask Archangel Michael to sever your energetic connections (aka strands, cords) to your fears about the future, failure, or making a mistake. Ask Archangel Jophiel to help your most joyful dreams to rise to the surface. Allow Archangel Uriel to provide you epiphanies… including if you’re getting in your own way. And then ask Archangel Sandalphon to relay your prayers to the Divine.

Also ask your guardian angels to support you in this exercise. Ask that there be no limit to the ways in which they can assist.

Then, close your eyes. What is your most joyful thought? It could be a place, a person, a career… don’t put limits on it. Just let your happiest thought come to mind. What is it? Is it a part of your life? If so, go to the next thought. What’s the next happiest thought you have for your life. Is that a part of your life?

Keep going through happy memories, places, or situations until you bump into one that is absent from your reality. It might be the first thought you have or it might be the fourth. But when you bump into that absence, write it down.

Now be honest with yourself. Why is this absence present? In some cases, you might not be able to do anything about it. If a beloved person or pet has passed on, you can’t really bring them back. But then, that’s not a resistance to your happiness, that’s just a fact. What you’re looking for are things that you don’t have in your life that you’d love to experience, but for “some reason” just never happen.

When you find that, analyze it. Make it your new obsession. Ask the angels for support and for clarity. Also, it might help to ask Archangel Raziel to bring you nighttime dreams that bring solutions.

If in your analysis you come to realize that there’s just one thing (big or small) getting in your way, dreams can bring solutions that you just never thought of.

One other thing, if you do come to realize that you have been resisting your own happiness, do not beat yourself up over it. Everything happens for a reason. There’s probably a reason you’re reading this blog.

Think about that.


Angel blessings,



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