There is a card in tarot that historically was called “The Tower.” It’s a card that television and movie directors just love to focus on as a harbinger of doom. You can almost hear that cartoony “dum, dum, DUM!” music in the background of your mind when it’s shown. It’s also a card that I have been pulling for myself a lot lately.

While there is nothing wrong with the words “The Tower,” the card had such a reputation that in my decks I changed the name. And then changed it again. And again. I started with “Life Experience” then went with “Change Your Life” and other words or phrases. However, with Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards I think I finally got it right. So much so that I’ve decided to stick with it for my future decks. The name I have finally settled on for this card is…


My take on this card has long been that the Divine is trying to tell you that you need to make a big change in your life. When we get that message from Source, then you can count on the fact that the change you need to make will make you happier – it will bring more joy into your life. It’s almost always something we already knew we needed to change. But the card also comes with a sort of “P.S.” to it. That postscript is “If you don’t make the change, I’ll make it for you.”

Personally, I’d rather be in charge of my own big changes, thank you very much. But there are lots of reasons that people fear change – especially ones that require a big leap of faith. And so more often than not when I would pull this card for someone else, they would balk at it. Then later, I’d get a call or email saying that sure enough… the big adjustment had been forced on them by “circumstances” (aka The Universe.)

The Transformation card doesn’t come up in my personal readings very often. I take it so very seriously, that I’m pretty sure that I can remember every time it has. The card does not scare me. In the past, I have either been grateful for the head’s up or just said to myself “Alright. Bring it.” In fact, I am finishing up my next deck Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards right now. I used it a few days ago to do my very first ever reading with it and the card I pulled was “Transformation.” It made me smile because I know that I’m in that phase right now. It delighted me that my first reading from the new deck was spot on. I think I would’ve been disappointed if it hadn’t been “Transformation.”

If this sounds like you… if you are personally aware that you need to make BIG changes in your life but you feel stuck, then I would like to help you.

Starting on May 21st, I am going to be offering a FREE 3-part webinar called “The Three Keys to Unlocking Your Magical Life.” I am beyond excited to be offering this FREE webinar for people who find themselves in the same place of “impending transformation” that I am in. Thousands of people have already signed up and I literally cannot wait to teach this! There are no strings attached – just my gift to you. The three sessions are May 21st, 23rd, and 25th.

Do you need a little help taking that first step? Do you know deep in your heart that you NEED to take a leap of faith?

Well, me too. And I’m here to help you. Come join me.


Angel Blessings,



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