Perhaps the biggest challenge for me in going from working in the corporate (and later government) worlds to working at home alone has been… working alone. I am a pretty extroverted person. And while my dogs are fabulous company, the lack of interaction with other people on a daily basis can still make me feel lonely sometimes.   

One of the things that I am realizing more and more these days is just how much I talk to myself. I’ve heard from others that this is very common for people that work from home or are otherwise working alone. What I have also started to realize is that my ego dictates a lot of that dialogue.   

For example, if I walk out of my office to get something and get distracted by a phone call or even just by my own constantly racing thoughts, and then return to my office without the item I originally set out to get, I’m most likely to say something like… 

“Well, that was stupid Radleigh.” Another example might be to walk out my front door to get the mail only to realize once I get to the mailbox that I didn’t bring the key. Again, the conversation with myself is often “Geez, Louise, Radleigh. Focus!” 

I think self-chatter is fine, but not if we’re going to berate ourselves. Hopefully, you have strong enough boundaries that you wouldn’t permit someone else to speak to you in such negative ways so why speak to yourself like that? 

I’m making a conscious effort to stop speaking to myself so harshly. Instead of saying “That was stupid, Radleigh” I’m going to start replacing it with positive things like “I’m so blessed to have so much going on that I sometimes loose focus. No big deal.” I’m going to try to laugh at the little goofy things I do (in a positive way) and then ask Archangel Zadkiel to help me stay clear and on task so that I can be as efficient as possible during my day.   

And since my sweet pups are the ones most likely to hear me say something I shouldn’t, I’m also going to try and make seeing them be a memory trigger to clean up act with it comes to self-talk.   

I hope you’ll join me in this self-loving exercise! 

Angel blessings,





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