Anyone who knows me at all is aware of how much my beloved pooches mean to me. In short, they’re my everything.

Ever since I was a kid, I have tried to understand as much as I possibly could about what dogs were trying to communicate to me. The current booming understanding about dogs – and animals in general – during my lifetime has been magical. I think we might could even call this the golden age of animal communication.

And, as always, I also believe that the angels and the Divine are always helping to put the right people in our paths when we need them most.

In August of 2013, I was out on one of my typical early morning bide rides. On my mind was my then 4 year old little boy, Jace. Jace had become extremely reactive to other dogs and this was really turning into a problem. I was very concerned about…

it but not sure who to turn to. As I rode my bike around the access road of a local park, there was a car sitting in the driveway that said “Peaceful Paws” on the side.

Sign from the Universe? Oh, I was sure of it!

I immediately turned my bike into the park. Each person that I rode by that had a dog I stopped and asked “Are you Peaceful Paws?”

It took a while, but eventually I came upon a woman walking two, very large dogs. As I approached her, I asked “Are you Peaceful Paws?”

Well… Let’s just say that her dogs had a reaction to a total stranger riding up on a bike to talk to their mom. But all she had to do was lift her hand and say a very quiet command and they both immediately sat down with halos spinning around their heads.

The woman said “Yes, I’m Peaceful Paws.”

My response was to point at her dogs and say “I need that!” (meaning her ability to move her dogs from reaction to spinning halos.)

Thus, began the most important relationship I have ever had with a dog trainer.

Pat Blocker is indeed “peaceful paws” but she is so much more than that. She is the only person I have ever come across who blends dog training with animal communication. The result is magical. Without question, the best book I have ever, EVER read on understanding what my dogs are saying is her forth-coming book, Letting in the Dog: Opening Hearts & Minds to a Deeper Understanding. The book – which releases on October 1st in the US – is like a magical super decoder ring. Or a universal translator. Or a mind-meld with your dog. When I read the book, it was literally a bolt of enlightenment explaining so, so much about what my dogs had been trying to tell their silly dad.

I am in love with this book.

So much so, that I have invited Pat to join me on this week’s episode of Magical Things entitled (what else?) “Letting in the Dog!” Pat and I will be talking about ways to communicate and actually understand what your dog is trying to say. We’ll also be doing joint readings for people who call in with questions about their magical pooch puppies!

Woof, woof, arf arf, boof! (That means “I hope you’ll join us!”)

Doggie blessings,

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