2022 is going to be… what? What was the first word or statement that immediately zoomed into your mind when I asked that? Was your answer amazing, challenging, or just more of the same? Someone recently said to me that 2022 was going to be the third part in a three-party trilogy from 2020 and 2021.

Let me assure you, I cancel, clear, deleted that thought in my mind immediately.

Whatever your answer to that question is, ask yourself if you like it? Does your answer lift you up or weigh you down? Or is just plain meh?

There is a card in tarot called The Chariot. It is a card of success and recognition. But it is also a card of success through pure, sheer will. It has become common in my decks for me to show no reigns going from the chariot to the horses/unicorns because the card is for those who managed opposing energies (black and white) and brought them into balance purely through powerful intention and determination.

Here’s an example from Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards:


You’ll notice that the angel in the chariot is not encumbered by anything or anyone else. She is on her own journey and she has been victorious and now she is reveling in that.

In my upcoming book “Manifesting Your Magical Life: A Practical Guide to Everyday Magic with the Angels” I acknowledge that it can be like swimming upstream if you’re trying to manifest an amazing 2022 and those around you have already settled into challenging or “meh.” And yet it is said that whenever people of like mind gather together in prayer, they can move mountains.

I have decided to be determined – even stubborn – that 2022 is going to be amazing. I’m looking for like-minded people to be stubborn with me. Let’s make this a fabulous year through sheer will. Let’s take no other answers.

Are you with me?

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Here’s to a fabulous 2022!

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