As I pondered what I might offer up to say about Memorial Day that would be of value, I was staring out my office window. Just then, a dove flew by and landed in our neighbor’s tree. I thought that was a not so subtle message from the angels that I might talk about peace. This in turn caused me to think about Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of personal and global peace. And from there, my thoughts went to other angels as well.   

I have a world class brother-in-law named Ted. He is a veteran of the Gulf War. I will never forget the day we heard he was headed to Iraq. The heart-thumping panic it caused all of us. My sister was incredibly courageous about it. By my memory she also lost a lot of weight through worry while he was gone.   

My family was among the lucky ones. Ted came home. He and my sister raised three amazing kids. They’re probably the happiest couple I know even after all these years. (No seriously, I think their friends regularly roll their eyes at their social media posts because they are just so gloriously happy together.) 

But I digress… 

My thoughts about Memorial Day this year – thanks to the dove – is the peace that was won from all that horribleness that people like my brother-in-law did (and did not) live through. It made me think not just of the archangels that I think are relevant, but of the guardian angels of the people who had to experience this singularly horrible aspect of human existence. I can’t even begin to imagine the sheer panic and horror that the guardian angels of countless souls experienced as they did what they could to stand by and comfort their people. I wonder how many prayers were flying up to Archangel Michael (and other archangels to those so informed) for protection and strength.  

I find myself pondering how Heaven experiences watching this world go through things like wars.   

If you currently find yourself in a place of service to a country – or someone you love is in that position – here are a few archangels that you might want to keep nearby: 

Archangel Michael – the archangel of safety and protection.

Archangel Raphael – the archangel of physical healing.

Archangel Chamuel – the archangel of personal and global peace.

Archangel Uriel – the archangel of emotional healing.   

And don’t forget those guardian angels.   

If you have lost someone and are still feeling the grief, then I would also recommend Archangel Azrael, the archangel who is known for helping people to heal from sorrow and loss.   

In the meantime, I want to thank Ted and all who are like him for his service. And I want to send angels of healing and comfort to those who were not as lucky as my family was.  


Happy Memorial Day,




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