I am almost always working on a new offering with Hay House. Usually cards, less frequently books. In this moment, I’m working on preparing for the launch of my next deck Guardian Angel Messages Tarot in October. While creating a new deck for 2022, and finishing up the book that comes out in January.

In other words, I’m a little busy.

One of these projects has created the opportunity for me to “interview” Archangel Michael. In my years of teaching, he has always won the “popularity contest” with the majority of my students. It’s not hard to understand why. Among other things, he’s the archangel of safety, protection, and life purpose. He also presents himself as particularly handsome. A lot of literature refers to him as a “warrior angel” – a term he has repeatedly told me he doesn’t care for. Frankly, in my experience he’s more super hero than warrior.

Michael has an interesting personality. On the one hand he almost seems to blush at the term “super hero” but on the other hand he also seems to clearly like it. He is just as immensely capable and infinitely wonderful as anything you’ve ever heard, and yet he’s also pretty quirky. My interactions with him show him to be part Superman and part Clarke Kent.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound to save the day, dashingly handsome, and kind of a nerd. It’s also interesting to me that his archangel brothers and sisters are in on this joke. Archangel Ariel frequently laughs at her big blue brother much like an affectionate younger sister might do.

This past week has been enormously stressful for me. A convergence of deadlines – both personal and professional – crashed down on my head making the entire week just one big anxiety attack for me. As I am working on an Archangel Michael project, I reached over and pulled a card to ask for his advice. What I got was the message of “You are such a control freak! You really need to let that go. Everything is moving along, it’s just your fear that things are going to crash and burn that has you a mess. Here, wait. I have a sword for that.” And then he proceeded to sever my energetic connections to fear, worry, drama, stories, blah blah.

Laughter is always a big healer for me. Being told by the big, blue guy that I’m a control freak did have me laughing out loud! Even though I didn’t intentionally invite her, it had Archangel Ariel laughing out loud too.

I swear those two are siblings.

What’s the funniest thing an angel (archangel or otherwise) ever said to you?

And if you had a chat with Archangel Michael right here, right now…  would he also tell you that you’re a control freak?


Angel blessings,




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