My experience is that most people have no idea how long it takes to create an oracle or tarot card deck. Take for example, the artwork. Hay House basically estimates a good artist will do one image a week. (A speedy artist will do two images a week. Hi, Dan Craig!) For a tarot deck, that’s 79 weeks just for the art alone (78 cards plus one image for the backs of the cards.) For my oracle cards, it’s 45 weeks. Hay House also won’t start the artwork until I have finished the manuscript and designed every card image – two things that take a lot of time and simply have to be done in tandem. Then it takes 4 months for them to be printed and distributed to various retail establishments.

For example, I signed the contract for The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle cards on March 18, 2018. The deck will be released tomorrow, October 11, 2022. That’s nearly four and a half years!

Now to be fair, I didn’t sign that contract and then just immediately start working on it on March 19th. Decks are planned way in advance. I’m currently working on decks that will come out in late 2023 and 2024. I also stopped working on the Michael deck in the spring of this year. So by my (possibly sloppy) math, I worked closely with Michael for two solid years.

That’s two years (mostly) focused on one archangel. I had never done that before as I like to work with all the archangels in aggregate. But I do have to say, working with the big blue guy really blessed me and changed my perception of him greatly.

One of the main things I teach and believe strongly is that angels shouldn’t be humanized. They don’t have just one look or one way of presenting themselves to us because we are 7.8 billion very different people. I love the viewpoint of Michael with the long hair and beefy appearance. But he has just as often appeared to me with dark hair and an almost Clark Kent kind of vibe. If I’m feeling unsafe for any reason, I get blonde and beefy. If I’m working out a problem, I get nerdy Clark Kent.

In channeling the messages from Michael for this oracle deck, I also channeled appearances for him. Michael not only showed up in many varying, male appearances, but also in female form. The artwork created by the amazing Echo Chernik, is breathtaking, inspiring, and deeply uplifting. The messages from Michael himself, are loving, kind, and sometimes even funny.

Also in the deck are guest appearances from Archangels Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael, and Uriel. Just four cards from four of Michael’s dear brothers and sister.

So four and half years, two years of close channeling by me, and it all happens tomorrow, October 11th.

I hope you love this deck. I hope it gets you deep and poignant answers to your life questions. I hope it makes a huge difference in your life and the lives of those you share them with.

I am so excited!

With you on the journey,


PS, please leave me reviews on Amazon if you love the deck!

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