Spoiler alert: I was not good at sports as a kid growing up. Wait. What? You suspected that? I’m shocked. LOL. I also hated gym class. I hated the bullies. I hated being made fun of when the kickball hit me in the face. In middle school, even the gym teacher made fun of me. In front of the students! Until my mom marched herself down to have a “chat” with the principle. But that’s another story.  

As soon as the option was available to me, I started opting out of gym class. The only way to do that was to take classes like tennis or bowling during summer school. I wasn’t good at those either, but do you know who else was opting out of gym class via summer school with me?  

That’s right. The other geeky kids who were bad at sports. Bullying problem? Solved. Being ridiculed for my lack of sporting talent? Gone with the wind. Did I like it? No. Not really. But, it was infinitely better than the alternative.  

Fast forward (a number of years that I don’t want to tell you) and suddenly I’m the headmaster of my own summer school. And do you know whose taking my classes? People just like us. Spiritually minded angel-folk who love developing their connection with Source and creating a deeper understanding of the Languages of the Divine. 

Summer school at Rad Academy includes classes like Tarot Made Easy – a Four Lesson Course, The Hall of Archangels – a 15 Lesson Course, Wisdom of the Tarot Virtual Workshop, and Journey with the Angels – Meditation Program. And not a single one of those classes are more than $33. Half of them are only $22. You can find them here! 

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll be dropping additional summer school courses throughout the summer.  

I don’t know about you, but this summer is turning out to be a hot one so why not hide from the heat and spend time with your angels doing something you really love.  

And by the way, you have my personal guarantee that there will be no bullies and no ridicule. Just angels, the cards, and you! 


With you on the journey,







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