People are always asking me “Radleigh, what’s the appropriate attire for planning an Angels & Auras event?” So I decided to give you a peek into my inspirational way of dressing for (teaching) success. 


Shirt:  Peter Pan de la Renta

Jeans:  Goofy Klein

Ears:  Minnie Chanel

Shoes:  Mickey Choo

Hair:  House of Mowgli

Stylist:  Daisy von Furstenburg

Designer Journal:  Heather Hildebrand (She found it in a store and sent it to me.)

Of course, I’m only (mostly) kidding. I dress like that every day. LOL! What’s really important in putting together a LIVE event is the planning. This Angels & Auras LIVE Event in Los Angeles takes place April 30th – May 1st and it has taken months and months to put together. If you look at the course in its entirety, it’s taken years.

Recently, we’ve been getting a LOT of email and messages from people who are sad that they can’t be at the event. (Sad is literally the word most used.) People either can’t travel due to work, they have other obligations, or they still have grave concerns about Covid. We get that. Dougall and I really want everyone who wants to be there to have the chance. So, it’s last minute (we know) but here’s another way.

We’re going to live stream the event. That’s right! If you can’t be there with us in-person, you can still be there with us in spirit via zoom! Again, the event happens on April 30th and May 1st. You can join us via the live stream for just $88 and watch all the magic happen while dressed for your own version of success in your office, living room, or back yard! All the details are here >>>

Are you sad that you were going to miss it? Well, now you don’t have to!  

See you there!





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