As most know, my husband Lee and I recently did a big cross-country move. It’s been no easy chore. In fact, this entire year has been very difficult for us. Though the rest of the large challenges we have experienced were not our choice, the move was a decision we made. It feels to us like our lives are still sheer pandemonium in this moment, but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel coming.

One of the things that we did was have the entire interior of the house painted. Because of the finishes of the house, we chose to paint the walls white, gray, and to use orange (one of our favorite colors) as the accent “pop” color. It turned out great!

After that was done, I decided to ask my spiritual BFF and color magician Dougall Fraser what colors I should use energetically to clear and bless our house. Here is what he said:

“Silver is the color of the goddess, it represents your home. You want it to feel nourishing and warm. You’ve painted the walls gray which is rooted in silver. It’s the easiest color for the eye to absorb so it relaxes everybody. Orange is a really good color for moving because everything is upside down and orange is the color of balance. So by weaving in orange, it helps the energetic flow of balancing. And with white, because it’s a new beginning, it’s a fresh perspective, it’s spirituality, it means you’ve chosen the perfect 3 colors to paint your house.”

Wow! I was blown away! I was just asking Dougall what colors to envision in my mind to spread through the house. I never dreamed he’d tell me that we’d physically painted the house the 3 perfect colors!

This is the magic of the work that Dougall does. Of course, I’ve also invited my guardian angels as well as several archangels into the house.

Speaking of which, Dougall’s and my new Angels and Auras Certification Course starts this coming weekend and there is still time for you to join us from the very beginning. This course is part virtual, part live and is going to be moving, poignant, and life-changing as well as one big angel party! You can find out all about it here. I hope you will join us!


Dreaming of colors and angels,





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