I’ve been talking a lot about the power of manifestation lately. (Perhaps you’ve noticed?) It’s a much beloved topic for me and when it works it delights me no end.  

I’ve been doing some personal work to recover from a traumatic event that occurred shortly after we moved to California. Part of the work was a “return to the scene” type of situation. However, it meant getting into a gated community where I have no contacts. So that morning, I envisioned myself driving down the road to the next town. In my vision, I saw myself turning onto the road where the community was and someone in front of me, turning into the neighborhood, opening the gate – allowing me to just follow them on in.  

And then I let it go. I just released it. Didn’t think about it again.

Around 10 am, I headed out the door for an appointment that would take me past that place. I just drove quietly knowing it would happen as I envisioned. Sure enough, when I turned down that road, a red truck pulled up to the gate, entered an access code, and the gates swung open. I just followed him in. He turned left, I turned right in order to return to the place where I needed to do my work.  

Later that day, I was speaking to a dear friend about Law of Attraction – a topic he and I have very much in common. He started mentioning an exercise he was working on that involved yellow butterflies. Yellow butterflies happens to be the sign from heaven we have chosen to represent our sweet Sheltie boy Jace who passed away a year ago. I hadn’t seen a yellow butterfly in months because it’s just been too hot for them. But just as we started to talk about that exercise, a yellow butterfly flew right in front of my face! 

Perhaps these might sound like small things to manifest, but the truth is they are tremendous confidence builders! Metaphorically speaking, lifting a 10 pound weight leads to lifting a 20 pound one which leads to a 30 pound one. The concept is the same in manifesting… start small, then go big!

But the main point here today is that in order to have your dream, you have to let it go. You can’t fret and worry or beg. You just ask from a place of joy and then (like a yellow butterfly) just let it float off into the manifesting Universe where it can evolve into your dream come true!

And speaking of making dreams come true, my new Magical Manifesting Membership (M3) just launched! I am so very, very excited to bring this yearlong study into the magic of manifestation out into the world! We’re gonna manifest the heck out of the upcoming year. I’m bringing my 30 years of angels, tarot, and manifesting mojo right into your dream-making. We’re gonna be the most powerful, rockin group of manifesters on social!  I’m determined to take these concepts to the next level and you’re invited to join me. Find out more here!

With you on the journey,


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