This past Thursday, my spiritual BFF Dougall Fraser and I had one of our free masterclasses. It was called “Discover Your True Colors” and was based on the Angels and Auras concept that Dougall and I created together. When Dougall and I were brainstorming the masterclass, he noted that I had been through a very traumatic time over the last couple of months and that it might be helpful to use that as a teaching tool for others who are also experiencing challenges and changes as I have. To that end, we decided to speak about Archangels Uriel and Jophiel and the power of the colors gold and pink – the colors of Uriel and Jophiel respectively. Uriel helps us with epiphanies, life transformation, and emotional healing. Jophiel’s pink brings healing that comes from self-care and positive thought systems. Sometimes self-care is required for us to recover from huge life changes – even if we started those changes ourselves.

Someone recently told me that moving is considered to be in the top three most stressful things that happen in someone’s life right behind divorce and death of a loved one. I blew that off saying that moving can’t possibly be up there with divorce and death, but the last week has me rethinking that.

In any regard,

I know that a lot of us thought 2020 was a mess, but 2021 for me has been far more challenging. Lee’s two surgeries and seven-month recovery followed by my two surgeries, the loss of Jace, and the 18 hours that Riley was missing PLUS a cross-country move have made 2021 a real hum-dinger. Working with Uriel and Jophiel alongside the powerful healing power of Dougall’s special brand of working with color is just what the doctor ordered.

And the amazing part of working with angels and auras together is that a A&A Prescription for any challenge is readily available. Over the years of teaching this discipline, Dougall and I have heard it said over and over and over that people wanted a certification course.

Dougall and I are very good listeners.

So here it is! A six-month certification course working with the fabulous Dougall Fraser and magical me! We’ll be starting out with an intensive training session over 4 days followed by the certification process that includes follow up sessions over six months.

This class is good for healers and readers of any type as well as for people who just wish to use the methodology for their own personal well-being and health.

Intrigued? Good! Follow this link to find out more! 

In the meantime, I’m just going to go soak up gold and pink light and talk to my angels. 


Angel blessings,




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