Yeah, I know that subject line is a shocker. But it’s not what you think. Read on…

In May of 2019, I had the opportunity to speak at The Omega Institute. If you’ve not heard of Omega, it’s a charming spiritual retreat center in Rhinebeck, New York. As an aside, it was also one of my favorite trips I’ve taken with Sherry who has been on my team since the beginning of time.

While I was there, I purchased two coffee mugs. One of them says “Peace” and the other says “Joy.” For 2 1/2 years I’ve been looking at those mugs in my cabinets and asking myself “Which do I most want today – peace or joy?” And once I’ve chosen, I make my morning coffee.

Even though I’m coming into my second holiday season of owning these mugs, it didn’t occur to me until I was speaking with a friend yesterday that those coffee cups actually qualify as being holiday mugs. Joy and peace are definitely holiday concepts.

What also came up in that conversation was the choice between joy or peace. Both are lovely. On any given day I might choose one or the other. But if we carry the metaphor a step further, what I really want is to be a two-handed drinker. I want joy AND peace. Furthermore, if you think about it joy can lead to peace just as peace can clear the space for joy.

All of this came up in conversation because frankly, 2021 has been anything other than peaceful nor has it been very joyful for my family. And I know that’s been the case for a lot of people out in the world.

December is hallowed for me. Many of you have heard me say that before. It’s the month of my birthday, the month that my mom was born (12/24), and two of my favorite days of the year December 24th and 25th. Unless I mess up my scheduling (which occasionally happens) I do experience peace in December. It’s a very reflective month for me. Lee is off doing retail and so I have the house a lot to myself. It’s quiet. I have Peaceful Holidays playing from Pandora most of the time. It’s a magical month for me.

It’s also a big-time cup of joy! The decorating, the holiday movies, the wrapping of gifts (which I do while watching The Sound of Music,) all make me extremely happy. This is when Peaceful Holidays on Pandora yields to the Chipmunk Christmas Channel (which must be played only while Lee is not home.)

Of course, this is all a metaphor for having a balanced life. Not just maintaining balance during the holidays (which we all know can be hectic) but trying to have peace and joy in our lives all year round. Not just in any particular month. Not just while on a vacation or taking time off.

All year round.

As we head into December and this Season of Light, I am wishing you both peace and joy.

Let’s raise both our cups to that!


Ho, Ho, Ho!



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