As many of you know, I’m a big fan of the guardian angels. My second deck focused upon these amazing, compassionate, angelic BFFs just came out last week and it went straight to #1 on Amazon! Naturally, I’m pretty thrilled about that. But I’m even more thrilled about it since this deck is my heart-felt tribute to these protectors of humankind. It’s as if thousands of people came out of their houses to chant “Guardian Angels are Number One! Guardian Angels are Number One!”

Things on planet earth are still pretty challenging. There are millions of people out there with “pandemic fatigue” who are just plain worn out by the way things are. When I started creating Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards, there was no pandemic nor could I have ever imagined what was going to happen 6 months from that time. The fact that a lot of people were exhausted, depleted, and even depressed when this deck arrived touches me deeply. Never have people needed messages and guidance from their guardian angels more than now.

In the large guidebook, every card comes with a message from your guardian angel. What’s nice about that is that you can actually use the guidebook as an oracle itself! Just close your eyes and flip through the pages of the guidebook until you feel that you’re on the right page and read the message. For example, for this blog I flipped through the guidebook and found the page for Six of Air. The message from the guardian angels for that card is:

“Now you can move on! The worst is over and what lies ahead will come as a welcome relief. Keep your eyes on the future and let go of the past.

Embrace every positive thing that happens now no matter how small.”

I think it’s easy to see how messages like that are very needed right now. So, I am overjoyed but also humbled to have been the conduit for the guardian angels for these messages to have arrived right when they are needed most.

I’m also offering a lot of bonuses for people who get Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards. They include:

  • Guardian Angel Messages Tarot: Enjoy a virtual tour of your new deck, including when and how to use it successfully.
  • Guardian Angel Messages Symbolism: Discover the exciting and important symbolism included in the deck, and how you can use this information for readings.
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cards: Learn about ten questions you can ask this deck to find messages of healing and guidance.
  • What’s My Guardian Angel’s Name? In this On-Demand video Radleigh will show you how to find the names of your Guardian Angels.
  • Card Blessing Meditation: In this beautiful guided meditation, Radleigh will help you bless your new Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Deck.
  • LIVE Virtual Launch Party: Join Radleigh and your Angel family on Thursday, November 11th for an interactive celebration of Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

You can still grab all of these bonuses for yourselves and start getting messages from the guardian angels through the deck and the guidebook. It doesn’t matter where you purchase the deck from, the bonuses are still yours. Check out this Link for more information.

In the meantime, say it with me: “Guardian Angels are Number One! Guardian Angels are Number One!”


Angel Blessings,




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