I have a membership group with hundreds of super cool people in it. Over the past year, I’ve taught them about the archangels, channeled them for the group, and created a tarot/oracle card spread associated with the archangel of the month. I’ve not shared things outside the group the entire time it’s existed, but I’m going to make one little exception and share with you the card spread associated with Archangel Azrael.   

Azrael’s name means “whom God helps” and in my opinion, he is the most graceful and comforting of all the archangels. You see, helping people get through sorrow and loss is his main gig. And he’s very, very good at it.   

For personal reasons, I had been dragging my feet getting his chapter done. This past week, I was finishing up a manuscript for Hay House when suddenly – literally out of nowhere – I received a sort of download from Azrael about his spread! Every card just popped into my head. I was scrambling for a pen and a post-it note to jot it down so I didn’t forget it. What was so weird about that (to me) was that I wasn’t working on anything to do with him at the time. That kind of thing is pretty rare and that’s part of the reason I’m sharing this one spread outside the group.   

Whenever I create (or I guess in this case, channel) a tarot spread, I always try it out on myself first. It took me a minute to take it in, but I came to realize that it was exactly spot on. There were even cards that represented my family that showed up in the reading. The main reason I’m sharing this spread is if I can be a part of helping someone to work their way through sorrow, loss, or emotional pain, then sign me up! So here it is…



I hope that this is helpful to as many of you as possible.    

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With you on the journey,


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