As many of you know, Lee’s and my life in our new city started out pretty rough. Within 5 minutes of arriving here, our little girl Sheltie, Riley, got away from Lee and was lost for about 18 hours. It was one of the worst 18 hours of our lives and we continue to pray in gratitude to the angels for finding her and getting her back to us safe and sound. However, I think all three of us are still experiencing a type of post-traumatic stress over the experience. We’re both extremely paranoid about a repeated incident to the extent that we won’t allow her off leash even inside the house if workers are coming and going. 

 Whenever something traumatic happens, my thoughts turn to the “why” of it. Why was it a part of our experience moving here to have lost Riley for 18 hours? What is the meaning of it? What were we supposed to learn?

 Naturally, one of the things that my mind has fixated upon as a “why” is to make true believers out of Lee and I that something like this could happen again. It was a huge shock to us that Riley would bolt as she has never done that in the 6 years she’s been in our lives. Perhaps this incident was to clue us in that it’s not beyond her to go on an “adventure.” And perhaps if that were to happen again, we might not get her back. One of the things that has happened as a result of the experience is that we’re safety proofing the house for Riley. That includes building a wall in front of the house and also a second fence in the entry to the backyard. 

 This morning I got up at my regular pre-dawn time and made a cup of coffee. Riley was with me and my mind again turned to the “why” of it. As I pondered that cosmic question, I realized that in this case maybe I didn’t want to know the “why.” Maybe it was just better to focus on the safety-proofing and the diligence and accept with faith that any future dramas have been averted after the “shot across our bow” from our first day here in our new city. 

 I’ve always had faith that when challenging things happen for mysterious reasons, in time it will all be revealed. I’ve seen that process take years, but clarity does always come. But maybe in this particular case, the better part of faith is to just never know what could have happened. Maybe it’s best to just have faith that it happened for a reason that will bring us happiness for the rest of our lives, even if we can’t fathom it right now. 

 Some experiences take a good bit of time to heal from and I’m pretty sure this is one of those situations. But my faith that the Divine has a plan that leads to our happiness hasn’t waned. I just might not need to know the “why” of this. Now, or ever. 

 At least that’s what I’m going with. 


Angel Blessings,




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