I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve been a little moody lately. If you haven’t heard me mention it during my Video Cards of the Day, Lee and I finally – after 10 months – had a lead on a Sheltie nearby. We thought she was all ours, and then she wasn’t. I’m still a little sad about that, but I also believe in the Divine. There’s a reason for it. I think I know what it was, but it’s going to require a lot more attention to the cause of expanding our family and my to do list is already overflowing.  

And yet, I was walking through the kitchen with Riley this morning and realizing just how blessed I am to have her beautiful, flowing, glowing, energy around me. I also went looking through some pics from an old photo shoot and found this little photobomb by Miss Riley.   

It totally made me laugh out loud. It was a joy trigger for me. My moodiness faded away. At least for a bit. I have other joy triggers. Christmas music is one and I’ve been very remiss in playing it since I moved here. I don’t play it a lot – maybe one day every few months. But it’s a total mood elevator for me. It just makes me feel happy without any reason.   

Another joy trigger for me, all of the new courses and plans we have for the rest of this year, 2023, and even into 2024. My newest deck, Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light Oracle Cards come out October 11, 2022 and I simply can’t wait. You can peak at it here!  

But even more than that, I simply cannot wait for my Certified Angelic Advisor Program’s inaugural event starting on October 26, 2022. It’s going to be an amazing, magical, uplifting, joyous, and deeply poignant event. It’s happening LIVE in Tampa, Florida which means I will be spending time with some of my closest angel-friends that I originally took ATP/AI with starting back in 2003. They’re coming to help run the event for me and I couldn’t be happier! That’s the thing about events like this… especially when they’re angel based. You make new friends for life. Heck, you get a whole new family out of it!

It all starts with a 4-5 day intensive (your choice) in Tampa the end of October and then goes virtual after that for 6 months! It’s a total dream come true for me. I was mentored to teach a class like this for decades and now that it’s finally here, I simply can’t wait.  

It’s a joy trigger.  

What are some of your joy triggers? What can make you suddenly happy just like that?


With you on the journey,


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