When I sat down to write this blog I was thinking about life changing moments. And as I pondered some of my life changing moments, I started to realize that some of those moments were smaller course corrections. Others however, were true trajectory changes. Life changing moments for me include coming out as gay, moving to Denver, meeting Lee, and leaving accounting for a spiritual career. There were others, but those were definitely trajectory changes.

One serious trajectory change for me was re-meeting Muni Syed. His re-entry into my life as Marketing Guru in January of 2020 changed everything. To be honest, I was kind of floundering taking my business to the next level…

I was never a marketing/sales person. I didn’t know what I was doing and the landscape through social media was like an ocean that was constantly changing. I couldn’t keep up. I literally didn’t know what I was doing and I knew that if I didn’t get some help soon, the world was going to just pass me by.

I had worked with Muni before. He helped market a class for me early in my Hay House career when he worked there. But he left Hay House and I lost track of him. Then another Hay House author saw how I was starting to drown in the social media ocean and suggested I call Muni.

My response was “Oh. That’s what he does now? Rescue drowning spiritual teachers? Okay.”

So I went to his website and reached out to him. Turns out that yes, that’s exactly what he does. He rescues drowning spiritual teachers. It was a perfect fit. I say this with all humility, but I think he was just as jazzed about the idea of working with me as I was to have his help. Since then, I have been educated – and I mean big time. I know what I’m doing (mostly.) I still wouldn’t want to do it without Muni, but I can guess about 75% of the time what he’s going to say about a given situation.

I’m right proud of that, by the way.

And beyond that, Muni is no longer just my genius Marketing Guru, he’s also family.

People struggle with how to build their spiritual business. I literally hear this all the time. Spiritual teachers are rarely business people. And if you want your message of Hope and Light to get out there, you simply have to be able to run a business. And (gasp) market it.

So here’s what may be the most valuable and powerful thing I will offer up this year: a 3 part webinar with Radleigh and Muni to help you get on the right path.

And it’s free.

Yes, free. We’re calling it “Launch Your Tarot Business.” Though honestly, it can be any spiritual business as these concepts will translate to tarotists, astrologers, angel readers… you name it. All you have to do is sign up and you can join Muni and I on February 7th, 9th, and 11th at noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern for some serious chat about how to get your spiritual business going.

If you feel like you’re floundering in the ocean of marketing and social media, let Muni and I throw you a life preserver.

It will definitely be a trajectory change for you. Same as it was for me.

Angel Blessings,

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