This world is full of illusions. There is the illusion of lack – that there’s not enough for everyone. The illusion of separation from the Divine – the sense that God is way up there, and we’re way down here cut off from the source.  

And then there is the illusion of the loss of love – the feeling that when someone (human or animal) passes over that the love is lost. But as I alluded to, those are all illusions. There is enough for everyone. God is not far away, and the connection we shared with loved ones never really ends.  

Still, the illusions are strong. Especially if we find ourselves (as my friend Heather Hildebrand says) “leaning in” to the loss rather than leaning in to the love.  

Of course, loss isn’t defined purely by the other souls whose physical appearance is no longer present. We can suffer loss from anything ranging from exiting a beloved job, selling a home that we raised children in, or moving to another state. But I think that nothing is quite as acute as the feeling of being separated from a beloved soul.  

In the last 9 years, my greatest absences have been in the form of my mother (2013), my pooch Raven (2014), and another pooch, Jace (2021). And yet, all three of them make their presence known with regularity. Especially Jace. I think that when the illusion of separation is new, the soul in spirit expends great effort in reminding us that we are being looked after.  

Leaning into the love instead of the loss, is a powerful and important aspect to staying connected. And because of that, Heather and I have created a new (and FREE) masterclass called “Love Everlasting.” Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Get clearer messages and support from your loved ones in spirit
  • Unlock your intuitive, tarot, and mediumship abilities
  • Reconnect to the unconditional love you thought was lost
  • Discover a safe and power framework to access Divine wisdom
  • Get clearer messages for yourself and when you’re ready, your clients

Plus, who knows what else might come up with spirit is involved!

Again, this masterclass is totally free and is happening on Friday, November 11th at 5pm eastern, 2pm pacific. (And yes, that’s this coming Friday!)  You can sign up here!   

Love truly is everlasting. It never really goes away. Join us on the 11th and get reconnected to the love.  

Angel blessings,


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