As you may know, we are talking about self-love for the month of February. Two weeks ago, we talked about self-love for the mind. Last week we talked about self-love for the heart. This week we’re talking all about self-love for the body

The first thing that I want to say is to seek out new recipes that are healthy, but also fun. Eating should be fun and not drudgery. And at this time in our history as a human race, it is easier than ever to find recipes that are healthy, but also fun. I honestly, I think you could go to Google and type in “all I have in the house are cucumbers, mayonnaise, and peanut butter” and there would be a recipe for that. It probably wouldn’t be healthy <laugh>, but it would be there. So, find recipes that are fun and exciting.

When you find a website where you find a couple of great recipes, it can be a treasure trove for helping you to eat healthy and enjoy it at the same time.

Number two, drink lots of water. It’s difficult sometimes for people to get in all the water. Either we forget, we get distracted, or there are people who just don’t particularly like water. They want things that they drink to have flavor in them. You can flavor your water naturally by slicing up strawberries and putting them in water and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. I also really like cucumbers, watermelon, or cantaloup. These are all things that really flavor water in this nice, delicate way and make it easier for us to stay hydrated. 

Another thing that is great for the body is to get outside for fresh air and sunshine. Go for a walk-in nature. I know it’s cold in a lot of places in the world right now, but honestly, when I lived in Denver, I would just bundle up with coats and sweaters, and I would go for a walk when it was 20 degrees.

If you’d like to hear my entire list of self-love for the body, check out on my podcast, “The Angel Tarot Show” at 

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