By the time you read this, our move cross country to a new home (and life) will be in full swing. Lee has sold half the stuff we own and my big, purple notebook full of notes and steps is being referenced every few hours to check off the to-do list. (I’ve tongue-in-cheek named it “The Notebook” after the 2004 film.) I am extremely detail oriented. I have tried to think of every possible last thing we need to do to get from here to there, but there will probably be things I missed (cancel, clear, delete.) A big shout out to Elaine Hurd who saved me at least a day’s worth of hard research by mapping out the trip stop-by-stop for us.

I can’t help but think of my life as having been like a 3-act play (so far.) Act 1: “Growing up in the South.” Act 2: “Adulthood in Denver.” And now Act 3: “Something something in California.” I am calling it that because I’m not quite sure what that “something” is going to be. I’m not even close to retiring. Neither is Lee. But the main reason for the move is to go ahead and put us where we want to be when retirement comes along. The move also comes out of the pandemic. We are one of those couples you hear about who came to a lot of realizations about what really mattered to us in life during this whacked out time on planet Earth. It feels like it’s taken forty-forevers. Lee and I took down our Christmas trees in 2020 knowing it was a very real possibility that we wouldn’t be putting them back up again in this house.

Now we don’t even own this house.

It’s not something I talk about much, but in my teens and twenties I spent a good bit of time on stage. I loved performing and I was really good at it. Then I was off the stage for a long, long time until my career with Hay House began and then I was back on the stage. So when I think about the future, I just keep thinking of myself as having left the stage from Act 2 and that I’m now standing in the wings waiting for my time to return to the stage for Act 3. It feels like the act is to be completely ad-libbed. I’m excited, but I’m also very nervous. Will I do well? Will the crowd like my performance? Will I be happy with my own work?

That’s all metaphorical of course – including the part about the crowd. The real questions are “Will we be happy there?” “Will we like our neighbors (and will they like us?)” and “Will we see this as having been the right decision down the road?”

Only time will tell.

But for now, my house is getting empty, the rooms look weird, and I feel emotions rising up about walking away from this home we’ve lived in for nearly 10 years. A new adventure awaits for Lee, Riley, and me. A new life. Act 3.


And as they say, “The show must go on.”




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