Well, here we are. Months of planning. Years of dreaming. And today the movers come to load this ocean of cardboard boxes onto a truck. My house looks like the warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant was stored away at the end of the movie “Indian Jones and the Lost Ark.” Remember how at the end of the movie the labeling on the box burned away effectively hiding the ark from anyone trying to find it in the warehouse? I’m hoping that’s not going to be the fate of my tarot cards when we arrive at our new home.  

There is something cathartic about having to weed out all your possessions down to just what you truly want or need to have. When I look around the house, I see a lot of boxes but in my mind, I know of the countless trips to charities donating clothing and household goods that didn’t make the cut. What I see in front of me is literally what we truly care about and not one shred of paper, piece of art, or article of clothing more. Of course, there is a box or two of sentimental stuff that probably should’ve been tossed before making this journey, but seriously… that’s it. Just a couple of small boxes.  

So this is it. This is my life encapsulated in cardboard. 

Soon, I will be standing in the empty house that Lee and I fell in love with nearly 10 years ago. It’s filthy, and that’s the next task… to clean it up for the new people (who are lovely by the way) to build their lives in this magical place. They plan to have kids. There’s never been kids in this house. The thought of little ones squealing on Christmas Day in this house makes me smile like a total goofball. I’m very happy for that new development.  

I have sung this metaphorical song before. I have walked out of houses that I have owned knowing that I will most likely never set foot in the house again. I know what’s coming. Time will literally stop. In the moment before I walk out the door, time will standstill and memories of the last 10 years will flood over me. Christmases and Halloweens. Joys and sorrows involving Raven and Jace. Watching Riley grow from a fearful, terrified little girl to the Queen of the Palace. Lee’s and my birth families meeting for the first time right before our wedding. Times of great triumphs and devastating losses.  

Life happened here. And life will continue to happen in the new house. We grew a lot living here and we will grow some more where we’re going. Just in a different way. 

But in this moment, what I feel is gratitude. Gratitude to this magical, awesome home for having protected us, nurtured us, laughed with us and cried with us.  

Thank you house. Thank you angels.  Thank you Source.  

And with that, the movers are here.  So here we go.


Angel blessings,




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