Over the last few days, I have started to reveal a secret that my husband Lee and I have been keeping. We found out a few weeks ago that our Sheltie boy, Jace, had cancer. We caught it early and were very aggressive daddies in seeking out treatment and we now believe he is cancer free. I’m going to have more to say about that next week, but for now that should set the stage for my message to you today.  

You see, while we were scared out of our minds that we might lose Jace, I found myself wondering if negotiating with God is really a thing. (Buckle up, because the mental gymnastics here are pretty circular.) 

Let’s say there is something you desperately want. Something with a lot of emotional weight. Maybe it’s your health that is at risk. Or the health of someone you dearly love (like Jace.) It’s a very human thing to start begging the angels and/or the Divine for healing. It’s also a human thing to say “Dear God, if you’ll just heal (this person) then I promise I’ll never (fill in the blank) again. Or alternatively, Dear angels, if you’ll just heal (whomever) I promise that I will (blank) every day for the rest of my life.  

But does that actually work? My perception of the Divine is hinged upon the concept of freewill. I preach the message that the Universe adores us and is always pushing us towards joy. I also think that when we are off track, the Universe might try to guide us in the right direction by putting obstacles or challenges in our way.  

But wait. What? Did freewill just fly out the window? If challenges are presented to get us to negotiate away bad choices (or negotiate in good ones) then are we still in a place of freewill? 

And if freewill is completely legit, then what difference does negotiating with the Divine make?  

Just in typing this much of the message to you I think I kind of know what I think. I think that in a complicated way I’m actually carrying out one of my personal pet peeves. I’m limiting the Divine. Let me unravel that for you. 

I think that at a soul level, every child of the Divine wants to experience happiness. Whether it is a conscious choice or more of a subconscious choice is a matter of the individual and what they have incarnated to experience.  

When we pray for guidance or ask the angels for signs, we are in essence using our freewill to ask Source to ease or complicate our pain through our personal realities. 

Many years ago, I had a horrible accounting job. The people who worked for me were great, but the job was awful. I prayed and prayed for signs about whether I should quit or not, but what I was aware of was that the job just kept getting worse and worse. This was largely because I had the most emotionally unstable boss of my accounting career. Her volatility and propensity to blame others for her mistakes was unlimited. So, I prayed more. And things got worse.  

See where I’m going here? Things eventually got so bad I just walked into my office one day, sat down, and couldn’t make myself log into the software. So, I quit.  

And I was immediately at peace.  

But let’s go back to negotiating with God. Let’s take one of the examples I came up with earlier. Dear angels, if you’ll just heal (whomever) I promise that I will (blank) every day for the rest of my life. Let’s fill in the blank with “exercise and eat healthy every day for the rest of my life.” So, if in this place where we are challenged enough to agree to do something that we may have put off for most of our entire lives, we ultimately feel healthier, happier, and live a longer life, then is it possible that we exercised (pardon the pun) our freewill to force ourselves to do something that will make us happy. And the Divine was just playing its part to help us.  

See what I mean by circular? 

I guess where I’ve come to is that negotiating with God is only a real thing if the results of the negotiation bring a happiness that the soul longs for but that the body and/or mind was too weak to accomplish without the challenge we’re trying to negotiate away.  

What do you think? Is negotiating with the Divine a thing? Or just something we do when we’re desperate? 

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 Angel blessings,


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