All it takes for me to realize that my daily prayer routine has gotten a little lax is for me to really want something. Or not want something. As soon as my prayers go up to high power I realize just how lazy I was starting to get.

There are many ways to pray, but perhaps the two most common are called affirmation and supplication. Affirmation is the type of prayer where you speak in gratitude as though you have already received what you’re asking for. That might look like “I thank you Source and the angels for the blessing of the receiving (or avoidance) of…” whatever you want or do not want to show up in your life. It’s a great way to present your prayers because it’s uplifting and optimistic.

Supplication is more of the “Oh god, oh god, oh god, pleaasssseeee God!!!!!” kind of prayer. I think it’s a little bit fear based, and yet… when we’re desperate, it’s the route so many of us go. I also think that the frequency and intensity of prayers with supplication is greater than affirmation. Which honestly makes sense. If we’re listing to ourselves in our prayers sounding desperate, it’s only going to ramp up the feeling that we are at risk or danger. Our inner-selves hear our own words and feed the law of attraction.

That being said, I do think it’s hard not to be human. When things appear to be going in the opposite direction that we want them to go, it can be hard not to beg the angels and the Divine for intervention.

Whenever I am tempted to think that my prayers need extra oomph, I ask Archangel Sandalphon for help. Sandalphon comes in a turquoise color and is said to be so tall that his feet are on earth, and his head is in Heaven. And as such, he delivers our prayers to the Divine, and then sees that the answers are returned to us in a way we can notice. Here’s a view of Sandalphon from my Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. The religious symbols on the letters are meant to indicate that prayers from all belief systems get equal time with Sandalphon and Source.

So what’s your usual method of praying? Affirmation or supplication? And do you notice it changes based on how intense you’re feeling about the request?


With you on the journey,






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