I keep very detailed journals. But only for what I consider big moments in life. I don’t journal every day or even every month. But when it comes to vacations, holidays, my birthday, and New Years, then I’m pretty intense. I write down pages and pages of my experiences and how they affected me emotionally and otherwise. And then I review those notes every year.

For example, I just finished reading my notes from last Christmas. What I read shocked me. Here’s what I wrote down:

“I keep feeling waves of emotions that something big is going to happen in 2021. I don’t know what. Maybe a move? Maybe something else? Taking down the trees it felt like something might be forever different next Christmas. With each ornament I wondered “Is this the last time I will do this here?” As I took down the silver tree, I was almost moved to tears. (My beloved Aunt) Norma once told me that “If we could see 5 years into the future it would scare us to death” and that rang in my ears as I took down her homemade ornaments from the tree. Of course she always meant that from the view of perspective. What happens next month might not be at all frightening or even surprising, but 5 years back any imminent event in the here and now might have been shocking. 

Chances are that if something big does happen, it will only be a good thing. But here in this moment of this writing, I wanted to get it down that this is how I’m feeling. PS. Immediately after I wrote this the clock said 11:11 and the timer on the washing machine said 44 minutes left.”

And as many reading this know, a LOT did happen. My psychic hits that everything would be different come Christmas 2021 were spot on.

What I always notice in reading the past notes from any particular event that I journal about, is the passage of time. It’s a kind of time travel from the past years to the present. I remember clearly how life has changed in any particular year in the re-reading of those journals. It simultaneously makes time slow down for me in the moment, but also shocks me how quickly life is zooming by.

I think it also points out how important is to acknowledge and even document our intuitive hits or Divine messages when they happen rather than just dismissing them. That way in the future when they occur, you have evidence that they have been legit in the past and are almost assuredly real in the now.

The holidays in 2020 were very, very difficult for me and a lot of people. I am determined that this years’ Season of Light is going to be one of joy. And so my December affirmation is:

“I am filled with Light and peace this holiday season. Every day will bring the joy of the holidays into my heart so that I can be a child again.”

What’s your holiday affirmation this year?

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With you on the path,




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