Last week I held a session of readings for my membership group. One of the big topics that came up was faith. In particular, how to get it back. I talk about the importance and power of faith with some regularity. It’s in my books and it’s almost always on my mind. I consider faith to be a cousin to prayer. While prayer is an affirming of what we want to create in our lives, faith is a quiet knowing that it will happen.

Where we can get askew from ourselves is when our prayers go up without faith. We pray for what we want even though we either don’t think we’ll get it or we’re scared something bad is going to happen.

It has been my experience that prayer and faith don’t have to be aligned, but it sure does help if they are. I have experienced times where I was praying for a positive outcome I didn’t expect to receive but then POOF! it happened. However, I think it’s more often the case that if your prayers are positive but you’ve got no faith that something good will happen that usually the lack of faith wins out.

I will be completely honest with you…I have been going throughsome very challenging changes that have tested my faith. It’s been just one hurdle after the other all through 2021 and I am simply exhausted. I feel like I’ve been running a non-stop marathon since last November and I want it to stop. What has gotten me through this difficult time?

My husband and my cards.

For the last few weeks, I have been pulling a card each morning asking “What will today be like for Lee and me?” The cards have been uplifting, reassuring, and spot on accurate. I’ve shared those cards with Lee. Even though Lee is not really woo-woo kind of guy, he has taken them to heart. They’ve been positive and they have been proven to be right every day. It’s also been something of a role reversal for Lee to be the ray of sunshine and carrier of the faith flag in our relationship. That’s always been me, but for whatever reason, I’ve had a harder time in 2021.

I knew that I was going to write this blog on faith this morning, but first I pulled a card from my soon to be released, Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards.  Once I turned over the card, I laughed. There are two cards in tarot that I consider to be cards of faith. The Star and The Dreamer. The latter was the card I pulled this morning.

The advice I was going to give you in this blog was to (A) Get the assistance of a friend or family member to help build up your faith in yourself, life, and the Divine. (B) Get yourself some positive and optimistic cards (or any other divinatory tool you like) to start off your day on the right foot. And (C) ask your guardian angels to help you every morning.

But today my cards added a fourth tip. (That’s very angel-like of them given that four is the numbers of the angels.) That tip is (D) When praying or even just thinking about your life, take a leap of faith that everything is going to work out for the best. It’s almost like my cards this morning said “take a leap of faith for faith’s sake.”

Because in the end, you are loved. You are watched over. You are precious to your guardian angels and to the Divine. And if you can just have faith in that, you can have faith in anything.


Angel blessings,


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