My team and I meet every Tuesday morning. During this time, we get caught up on our progress, they remind me of my deadlines and what the “next big thing” is, and we laugh a lot. We also pine for the days when we did LIVE events. We talk about the joy of getting together with our spiritual peeps, growing our spiritual gifts in a safe place, and dancing to silly music. We discuss it for about 10 minutes with most sentences starting with “Remember when…” and the trip down memory lane ends with a heavy sigh by all of us.  

Some of the best friends I have in my life are because I attended goo-gobs of these LIVE events as I was coming into my own as a spiritual teacher. I have text groups with people that I haven’t seen in years, but still we communicate to ask for prayers, share truly stupid memes (hi Heather Hildebrand!), and to remember those truly magical times.  

I miss that sooooo much. Maybe you do too?

Well, it’s been a long road, but we are finally getting back to those days! Starting with a two-day event called Angels & Auras: Live in Los Angeles! on April 30th and May 1st! My spiritual BFF Dougall Fraser and I will be teaching at the beautiful Westin LAX. Joining us will be the amazing medium, Heather Hildebrand and sound healer Doug Parvin. Our latest class of Certified Angel & Aura Readers will be there offering up readings for those who wish to have that experience as well! Wanna hear more? Here’s what’s in store for you!

Two info-packed days with Radleigh and Dougall

Learn everything you need to know about connecting with the energy of Angels and Auras over two days of profound and immersive experiences. 

Sit for practice readings with our Certification Candidates

Get multiple readings from advanced students who are putting their skills to the test during our event. 

Mediumship Readings with Heather Hildebrand

Enjoy a group reading with the one and only Heather Hildebrand and receive messages and guidance from Spirit. 

LIVE Sound Healing Experiences

Join Master Sound Healer Doug Parvin for a LIVE powerful sound healing experience. 

Reconnect with Your Soul Family

This is your opportunity to reconnect with like-minded Angel friends, Aura pals, and Tarot twin souls who are truly supportive, enthusiastic, fun-loving, talented, and kind. 

Shop the Crystal Cave

Discover a beautiful collection of pendulums, jewelry, crystals and more at our onsite-only gift shop. 

SAVE BIG on Bestselling (and newest) books, decks, courses, and products

You won’t find better deals on Radleigh and Dougall’s best-selling books and products! 

Book Signings

Get your favorite books and cards autographed by Dougall and Radleigh! 

Join us for the Angels & Auras Costume Ball

Have a blast at our catered costume party, complete with door prizes, costume contests, and more.

So whadda ya think? Ready for some magic like the good old days? I know I am! Come join us!

Your spiritual peep,




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