Except for the four years that I attended college in Oxford, Ohio, I have lived my entire life in the shadow of mountains. I grew up in the glorious presence of the Smokey Mountains and then lived 24 years staring west at the Rocky Mountains. Comparing the two was interesting. The Smokies are so lush, green, and beautiful. The Rockies are more tundra but so much higher up that it made the Smokies almost seem like hills. Now I’ve moved one last time to stare at the mountains of California – which are once again very different from the previous ranges I have lived near.

Mountains are often energetically related to fire due to the way they are formed. I’ve often wondered if my quintuple Sagittarius-ness is why I can’t seem to live away from the mountains. I seem to just be drawn to them.  That’s especially curious since I almost never visit them for recreation. I think I only went to the Rocky Mountains for fun a couple of times. Growing up in Tennessee, I did visit the Smokey Mountains a lot more frequently, but the lushness of that range was also more appealing to me.

I have a darling prince of a friend (wink wink) who can’t handle not living near the ocean. He recently tried for a couple of years and it nearly unwound him so he had to move back.

This makes me awaken to the idea that there are energies all around us that feed our bodies even though we’re not aware of it. Or at the very least, generally give it very little thought. Most people don’t think of the mountains or oceans as energetically gifting us with support. Frankly, I think (percentage wise) most people give little thought to angels, guides, or passed over loved ones either and that saddens me. They’re missing so much love and compassion! When I started my spiritual path and began learning about angels, tarot, and mediumship I did so out of a fascination of it. However, I also think that in hindsight I was also afraid that I was missing out on something wonderful and so I took every class I could. Those courses were very important to me and laid the foundation for my work today. To be able to just prattle on to my angels about whatever concerns or aspirations I might have is a true blessing.

Maybe it’s time I started talking to the mountains. A few words of gratitude each week? What messages might I receive back in return?

What might I be missing out on?

And what about you? Do you speak to the mountains? Or “mother ocean?”

I’d love to hear your experiences.

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Angel Blessings,




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