Recently I was speaking with the amazing Heather Hildebrand. I consider her one of my personal, spiritual healers. Heather often asks me what I am doing for fun and I almost always fail that test. You’d think that with my natural upbeat manner, love of all things Disney, and (of course) that giggle of mine that I would be up to my ears in fun. But it’s just not true.   

You see, I’m a notorious work-a-holic. Think about it for a moment… I’ve created 6 decks, 3 books, and 3 video courses in the last 6 years. I’m working on 3 new decks at once right now! That’s a lot. Other Hay House authors think I’m crazy! 

In a recent session with Heather, her golden advice to me was ,“Radleigh, if you had a Vitamin D deficiency, you’d take Vitamin D. You my friend, have a fun deficiency. You need to be taking Vitamin F!” 

I thought that was hilarious! However, I also thought it was very insightful.   

Of course, I love having fun. It’s not that I don’t want to play. It’s just that I have so much work stacked up, that I forget to make time for it. It doesn’t make it on to my “to do” lists.   

And trust me… if it’s not on my “to do” lists, it does NOT get done.   

I am for sure not getting enough Vitamin F. Does that sound like you? 

So, let’s brainstorm this together. How do we fix this? 

First of all, make a list of 20 things you like to do for fun. Please keep in mind, that when Heather suggested this to me, I failed that exercise too. I only came up with 6 items. But hey, at least there were 6 that I could focus on as I added to the list.   

Secondly, put a reminder in your calendar that asks you “Did you have fun today?” Let your calendar nag you about it.   

Next, get a friend to hold you accountable. Let them nag you, too. 

Finally, don’t make having fun be a burden. If you’re super busy, at least take 10 minutes to do something that makes you smile, makes you laugh, and gives you happiness.   

Even I can spare 10 minutes.    

Consider this your angelic prescription for Vitamin F.   

Take daily.


Angel blessings,


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