Channeling Archangel Michael over the last two hears brought many revelations and new thoughts about the big, blue archangel. One of them that I found particularly interesting (and frankly, endearing) was that while some religions refer to Michael as a warrior, it’s a metaphor he doesn’t particularly like. Here’s an excerpt from the guidebook of my new deck, The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle:

“Many of you who have heard of me think of me as a warrior archangel. That isn’t true, nor do I enjoy that characterization. There is no war amongst the angelic children of God. The only war that I am involved in is the fight against fear, worry, and the illusions of lack and separation from the Divine. These things I try to help you eradicate whenever you ask me.

Some of you have been told that I am the head of the archangels, but this is also not true. The only “head” of the archangels is the Divine. Needing a hierarchy is a human concept, not an angelic one. It is also incorrect to say that I am the head of the guardian angels. They do not need me to tell them what to do, for the same reasons that the archangels do not need a supervisor. The guardian angels are beloved by the archangels, as their work is a direct gift from Source to you. They are your spiritual coaches, cheerleaders, and sources of unending love and support. We archangels work with them constantly.

I emphasize this here to awaken you to the differences between human concepts like “hierarchy” and “limitations” versus the experience of the Divine. The Divine does not have limitations. Your Source does not need or even want to build a pyramid of power among souls— human, angel, or any other kind. Do not apply human concepts to the Divine; it will only confuse you as to the true nature of Spirit.”

While many people have come to envision Archangel Michael as the hunky guy in armor with long blonde hair and a very enviable jawline, Michael more often has come to me in an appearance that is more akin to Clark Kent (from the Superman comics.) In fact, half the time I get nerdy Clark Kent, but sometimes I literally get Super Michael – even wearing a cape! I asked the artist Echo Chernik to create a card with that particular version of Michael – the one I most often see.

One time when on an “angel-walk” Michael appeared to me with his superhero cape and I laughed. He smirked and then winked at me. I asked him “So you’re a superhero now?” and he responded “I am far more superhero than warrior. I’m here to help save the world, not fight with it.”

When I asked Michael about how people see particular archangels, this is what he said:

“I share with you that we in the angelic realm do not have true genders. Gender—like all other aspects of our appearance—is a human experience that we adopt in our interactions with you because that is what you expect. When I use terms like brothers and sisters to speak of my angelic kin, it is to assist you in interpreting my message through the human lens you use to view the Universe. Remember that the earthly realm is an illusion and vastly different from the realm of Source to which you will return”.

Many forms of Archangel Michael are in my new deck. I hope that one or more of the cards really rings an angel bell for you about how Michael might appear to you!


With you on the journey,


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