Last week I wrote to you a very honest blog posting about a very, very powerful sign that the angels sent to me. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)  I don’t mean to be a “one note Johnny” but it happened again. I pray a lot in my car. There is a meditation song that I pray along with that I have on a flash drive in my car so that I can just turn it on and do my prayers. My prayers are almost like a mantra. I pray the same things to the same angels every time and then add in as I go for any special requests that are on my mind. But for the most part, the prayers are the same and in the same order.  

A few days ago, I was driving to the grocery store just praying my little head off. I came to a stop light and the part of my prayers where I speak to my guardian angels came up. If you’ve never heard me say this, that part of my prayers goes like this:

“Dear guardian angels, please be with me today in all ways, all things, and in all directions of time. Let there be no limit to the ways in which you can assist me today.”

So I come to a stop at the red-light. And literally, just as I am saying “Dear guardian angels…” a white feather came wafting right in front of my windshield. It just floated from left to right, right in front of me.  

I just started to laugh. What are the odds that I would come to that intersection at that moment praying with my guardian angels to have a white feather just float in front of my car right outside my windshield?

Personally, I would say the odds are pretty astronomical.  

I talk all the time about how the size of the sign from the angels isn’t relevant. And that’s true. A small sign can be just as affirming and just as much a rescue as a big sign. However, I will also admit the BIG signs are particularly moving. And as a former “numbers guy,” I consider a simple white feather showing up against astronomical odds to be a BIG sign. And the sign from the last blog I consider to be just mind blowing.  

But here’s the dilemma… The Divine and the angels are apparently putting extra effort into making sure that I know that they are very present right now. When that kind of thing happens, I start to puzzle over the possibility that I might be missing something. Am I missing an important message? That the angels are with me is not news. So I’ve got to look for something more than that.  

It does occur to me that this week’s wafting feather could also be a message for you. Maybe you need a sign from the angels about something that you’re concerned about. When I teach about angels, I often talk about how not everything is about me (or any given person.) Sometimes I’m just the messenger. Or the vehicle for the message. Maybe I’m not missing anything. Could it be that by writing about this, some of you just happen to be reading this blog at the very moment that you needed a sign from the angels?

What are the odds of that?

I like being the messenger for the angels. I’ve been doing it for decades.  

So here ya go. Here’s your sign.


With you on the journey,


PS Before everyone starts asking, the song I pray with is called “Ethereal” by Amethystium from their album entitled Emblem.  

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