When I first started studying the intuitive arts, I immediately labeled myself “claircognizant.” That term means “to know” and it matched my experience. I couldn’t tell you how I got messages from cards or from angels, I only knew that I just knew. And my readings would be accurate.

I also knew that in times of great importance or loss, my messages would take an alternative route through clairaudience (which means “to hear.”) And I’m not talking about “hearing with the mind’s ear” stuff. I mean hearing it out loud, through my ears, as though the person next to me had said it.

And for many years I left it at that. But that has changed.

Many of you know that I lost my sheltie Jace three weeks back. Well, I keep seeing him. And this time, it really is “through the mind’s eye”, but he’s throughout the house and the back yard. Oh lookie, clairvoyance (to see) has finally come around. But I’d never experience clairsentience.

Until today.

I have a group of students where we work with a particular archangel each month. For September, it’s going to be Archangel Haniel. So today, I tuned in to her as I have to get this stuff ready in advance.

And boom. Emotion. What I felt, was elegance and grace. Which made sense to me as her name means “the Grace of God.” It’s so funny because at first, I didn’t think anything of it. But then I went to make myself some tea and it hit me “Hey! Wait a minute! That was clairsentience!”

I remember a long, long time ago meeting a woman named Karen who when asked what her primary clair was, she responded with “I’m a Clair-All girl!” That’s a very old reference to a series of commercials that happened in a decade so long ago, I’m not even going to acknowledge it lest I date myself. But I guess I’m realizing I’m no longer claircognizant with side of clairaudience. I’m legit a clair-all guy.

I am giving 100% of the credit for that to the angels and the Divine. My work with the archangels over the last year has definitely amped up my skills. I sought them out and they upped my vibe to be able to connect with them more fully. Intuition and emotion are closely tied so it makes sense that Haniel – an archangel known for increasing our Divine gifts – would reach out to me with emotion essentially flipping on my clairsentient switch.

And the clairvoyance? I think that’s Jace. When last I saw him with my physical eyes, he was weary, unwell, and ready to leave this world. There are images of that last day that are burned into my brain. He knows that. I think he’s showing me himself as his young, strapping, powerful self to help me to override those heartbreaking memories.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to you. We are no different. Reach out to the angels and they will reach back to you.

As an aside, some of you are very kindly asking when the videos for cards of the day and lesson cards will be returning on a regular basis. The answer is, I’m working on it. To be completely honest with you, when I rewatch those videos I still feel that you can see the sadness written all over my face. And I just hate that. I’m not being unkind to myself, I just don’t want to make people feel sorry for me. I will keep trying to do the videos along the way. When I can do a video and I see my smiling self has returned, then the videos will also return as a regular thing. Until then, please just bear with me. I’m getting there. I really am. 


Angel blessings and gratitude,


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