In last week’s blog, I spoke about how I always choose a word to hold the energy for a coming year.  (You can find the blog here) For example, last year’s word was “Soar.” However, I have been very undecided on my word for 2022 so I asked folks for help.

Well, wow oh wow, did you take me seriously or what?! We got tons of responses via emails, posts on social media, and comments on the blog itself. I have to say that I was floored by the amazing messages and humbled by how many of you took the time to offer up what your word for 2022 is going to be as well as make suggestions for me based on what I had written in the blog that I was trying to focus on next year.

Because I have to write these blogs in advance, 2022 is still several days away and I haven’t made up my mind just yet. Some of my favorite suggestions were:

“Connection or Connectedness, Wonder or Wonderment, Clarity, Intention, Fun, Rhythm, Bliss, and Awe.” Someone even suggested “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” Which I have to tell you, sharing a word with Mary Poppins is definitely tempting.

As I said, I haven’t completely chosen yet, but if I had to choose in this moment, I would choose “Now.” I’m tired of just living in the future world of eternal planning and constant anticipation of what is to come. The other words that are tempting me are “Awe” (one of my absolute favorite emotions) and “Fun.” But I think both awe and fun can only be had in the now. You can’t be in awe of an experience that hasn’t happened yet and there’s not really that much fun in planning to have fun later.

Of course, I do have to plan ahead. I do have to prepare for what is to come. But I think in 2022 what I want is to really be in the moment. To really relish and treasure what is happening now as well as to be able to look forward to happy things that are to come.

Plus, I think that the best way to manifest your desires is to be in the now because now is everything.

Speaking of manifesting, I really want to help you start 2022 in full on manifesting mode. So I’m offering a FREE Tarot Masterclass on January 6th. Some of the things we’ll talk about is letting go of all the icky-ooo-ooo from 2021, get support from your angels for your intentions for 2022, and tips for working with tarot for guidance. I’ll also be offering you a brand new tarot spread for having your best year yet!

You can sign up for the masterclass here! 

In the meantime, I promise to let you know once I’ve made my final choice for my word for 2022. And thank you so much for giving me so many wonderful choices.


Happy New Year!



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