For the last six weeks, I’ve been doing video cards of the day from my upcoming deck, The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle cards. One card has come up more than any of the others and I wanted to explore that with you. The card is “Trust Your Angels”.

The channeled message from Archangel Michael that came to me when creating this card is:

“This card shows up when you are trying way too hard to dictate the process and the outcome of how your life unfolds. Stop trying to micromanage everything, and instead have faith that your angels have the situation under control. Ask me and I can use my sword of light to cut the cord on the buzzing of that ego of yours so that you can ease into a place of peaceful understanding that you are Divinely loved, and everything is going to be all right.

Dear one, you need to calm down. I assure you that we in Heaven do know what your dreams are, and we also want you to be happy in all ways. Trust your guardian angels, the other archangels, and me to bring you a joyful and perfect outcome—even if it’s a little different from what you had envisioned.”

I think that the reason that this card is coming up so much is because of the human desire to control not just what manifests into your life, but also how it manifests into your life. I’ve planted a lot of thoughts in your head about manifesting the life you desire these past few weeks but perhaps I’ve not spoken enough about the need to ask quite specifically for what you want, and then leave the how it comes to be up to the Divine and the angels.

If you’re a student of mine, then you have probably heard me say that readings for other people are also often messages for the person giving the reading. For months, I’ve been trying to manifest a sibling for our little sheltie girl, Riley. I’ve been very focused on how to make that happen and so that card is also very much for me. Just two days ago (as of this writing) I turned the search for the next addition to our family over to another person. Within fifteen minutes of that choice, I received a very powerful, and indisputable sign that I had done the right thing. A student posted a picture of her three shelties and mentioned me in the post. Thirty minutes after that, I got another sign from the other side of the world from a friend who had been out walking her dog and met two shelties in a park and she sent me a picture of those dogs. I mean come on! The same sign from different parts of the world from people who knew nothing of what I had done. The next day while relaying this story to a friend, a yellow butterfly fluttered in front of my face. That’s my sign from our sheltie boy Jace who is now on the other side of the veil, but clearly on the job for the search for Riley’s next brother or sister.

So I’ve made my request, but I’ve released the how to the angels (and Jace.) And I’m very excited because now I know in my heart that our next little wiggle-butt is on their way. And that kind of knowingness is a powerful manifestor. Especially when you link it with the emotions of joy and anticipation.

What about you? Are you trying to control the how of the manifesting when you really only need to be in control of the what?

Speaking of manifesting, the doors are about to close for enrollment in my Magical Manifesting Membership (M3) for the coming 12 months. We’ll still be working with the angels and tarot, but it will all be formatted around manifesting the magical life you were born to live. We are going to be manifesting up a storm! Come join us!


With you on the journey,


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