There is a card in tarot called the Five of Fire (or Five of Wands in traditional circles.) Like all tarot cards there are multiple meanings for the Five of Fire. Most often, it represents conflict, challenges, disagreements. Sometimes the “conflict” can be as simple as a sporting event. Other times, it’s far more complex.

In the seven tarot decks that I have created (so far) there is invariably a rendition of a card that is my favorite across all the decks. For example, The Chariot in Archangel Power Tarot Cards reigns supreme among all of the Chariot cards whose art I have designed. When it comes to the Five of Fire, I think my favorite is the one in Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. Here’s what it looks like…..

When I teach about the Five of Fire, I always include that frequently the Five of Fire only appears to be representing a conflict or challenge with another person.  More often, a little digging will turn up that the person the card has been pulled for is having something mirrored back to them by the person they are annoyed by.  For example, “Susan” might be frustrated with her husband “Alan” because he continually procrastinates making necessary doctor appointments only to discover that Susan herself does the same thing. Therefore, it isn’t Alan that she’s actually annoyed at, but his mirroring of her own lack of proper self-care.

To illustrate that, I had the artist Dan Craig create a series of mirrors with angel wings along the top. In the card image a man is holding up a wand which is being mirrored back to him four times, creating the image of five wands on the card.

The reason that I am bringing all this up is that I am finding myself noticing a lot of mirroring going on in my own life. Lee in particular seems to be mirroring back to me a lot of things I need to work on, but it’s not just him. I’m seeing it in everyone from close friends to total strangers. The weekend before last found me in amongst a large number of people for the first time in two-plus years. As most of you probably know, I am constantly scanning the world around me for messages from my angels and most of those messages that weekend came through people mirroring aspects of myself back to me. Aspects both good and not so good, I should add.

Sometimes that comes through our own words. Just yesterday, a friend told me about a woman he had met who was a doctor of Psychology with a big practice. My friend said the woman was clearly kind of a mess emotionally (he didn’t know why.) My response to my friend was “Ah. Physician heal thyself.”

A soon as the words came out of my mouth, I was pondering where in my life I might be more dutiful in taking my own advice. Especially where it comes to play in self-care. So now, I’m finding myself questioning why I might do this or the other when I know full well that those things aren’t in my best interest. Of course, you can’t question every choice you make or you just go cray-cray. The occasional scoop of strawberry ice cream isn’t going to kill me. But it is possible that I drink too many sparkling sodas. I sent a case ahead of me to the hotel two weekends ago for a four day event. Granted, I brought eight of them back home with me, but why did I feel the need to send twelve sodas off to a four day weekend?

And why is Lee presenting himself to me right now as the Five of Fire? That’s four mirrors. That’s a lot of mirroring. Lots to ponder there.

What about you? Are you noticing people mirroring things back to you these days that you are aware might actually be your “stuff” to deal with? And how’s that going for you?


As always, with you on the journey,




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