I’d like to speak to you for a moment about faith. As many of you know, Lee and I have been searching for a dog to add to our family for a year. We had one close call that didn’t work out, but other than that, it was a rough search. As I mentioned to you in my blog dated November 28th, I actually wrote a letter to Santa about it. (You can find it here if you missed it). Something about that was uplifting and gave me hope. What you don’t know is that shortly after that, we got a lead on a sheltie in Tucson, Arizona. We instantly fell in love with her, but the problem was that she was promised to someone else. The “someone else” had been a little slow to respond when the sheltie became available so we held up hope. But sadly, the woman did eventually respond and said she was making good on her claim for the pooch that we felt was ours.   

I basically moved on and continued the search, but Lee didn’t. He was certain that this girl was to be ours. He had total faith about it. And to be honest, I also felt like maybe… just maybe… something would happen.  

And happen it did. On the Tuesday before Christmas, we got a call that the woman who had first dibs on the sheltie had gotten cold feet. If we wanted her, we could have her. By the way, the dog already had a name. Wanna guess what it is?

Everyone, let me introduce you to Sandcastle Faithfully, aka Faith.

I kid you not, we got a dog for Christmas named Faith.  

In case you’re wondering, she and Riley instantly got along. There is total peace in our house and finally in my heart. Our pack is complete.   

 Faith has definitely been a test of faith for us. Thinking we had found her, then thinking she was lost to us. Then finally finding out that she was ours. I flew to Tucson to get her, rented a car, and drove her back. She is without question the best Christmas gift I ever got.  

One of the things that seemed to us to be a clue that she was to be ours was that the breeder just kept saying “Rad, she’s an angel. An absolute angel.” And of course, her name also resonated for us. This little blue-merl girl has also restored my faith on several fronts because she is just so perfect. If I could’ve just had total faith that the perfect dog was going to come, then I would’ve happily, joyfully, patiently, (and Faithfully) waited the year it took to find her. But I allowed my fear to take over that we would never find someone.   

Silly, silly Rad. I teach about manifesting and having faith, and yet I failed myself. Now I’m going to give myself some grace here and say “Come on Rad, a year is a LONG time to wait.) And yet, in this moment, I’m sitting on my patio looking at this and thinking it was worth every minute of every day we waited.

And let me tell you one thing, writing letters to Santa is now an annual event for me because IT WORKED!  

There is the greatest of blessings in having your faith restored during the last few days of a year like 2022. My heart is renewed. My optimism for the coming year is sky-high! A lot has been revealed to me this December and part of that is that the magic of the season of Light is still alive. And now every time I look at this girl, I am going to think “Here Rad, here is your lesson in faith. Right here. Here is your proof that no matter how long it might take to manifest your heart’s desire, it’s worth waiting for.  

It turns out Faith was the answer, literally and figuratively.

 One last silly story… from the moment Lee and I found out about Faith, we started doing this silly thing. We started looking at each other out of the blue and the singing the refrain from George Michaels’ song… “We gotta have faith, faith, faith. Yeah, we gotta have faith, faith, faith!” And then we’d just smile.  

Yeah. Ya gotta have faith. Otherwise, what do you have?

Speaking of renewed faith, #teamrad and I have decided to offer a FREE masterclass on January 19th (the day after the Merc Retro ends) to help you fly free of any lingering doubts or uncertainties you might from 2022 and zoom right into 2023 with gusto and confidence. It’s called “Three Ways to Make 2023 Your Year!” You can sign up for this FREE event Here! It’s going to be super fun! Come join us!

In the meantime, I want to wish you a very happy, exciting, and prosperous New Year. That’s the kind of New Year I’m planning on having.  

Faithfully yours,

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