Around five years ago, I was with friends at a Hay House event. We were all speakers and suddenly one of them started talking about his word for the year. Another one chimed in with her word that she had chosen to represent the year. My response was “Word? What word? I’ve never heard of this. How do I get my word?”

Even now, I can’t believe how late to the party I was regarding this concept, but I had seriously never heard of it. In case you’re even later to the party than I was, the idea here is to choose a word to represent the energy or anchoring principle you wish to live by in a given year. It’s like a verbal touchstone. A belief system to fall back on when you’re rattled or uncertain. Last year my word was “Now” referring to the need to stay in the now. The year before that it was “Unshakeable.” Keep in mind that was 2021 and we were coming out of the very shakeable 2020. The year before that may word was “Shine” as I worked hard to take my career to a new level.

I have decided that this year my word is going to be “Faith.” If you didn’t see last week’s blog, my family finally expanded back to its perfect number of 4 with the addition of our new girl, Sandcastle Faithfully (aka Faith.) You can read about that here! Faith (our girl) represented a true journey in faith (the noun) for us.

But I’m not choosing the word faith for 2023 as an homage to our girl as much as the experience that the Divine brought to us through her. For 2023 I want to live in a place of constant faith. I want to find peace through faith. I want to find inspiration through faith. I want to experience abundance through faith. I want to know self-love and self-care through faith. Faith is a whole lot easier way to live than anxiety, fear, or worry.

Another reason I’m choosing faith for my word for 2023 is that because of Faith, I’ll find myself saying it many times a day. Her appearance in my life will be a constant reminder of how I’m supposed to be living my life this year.

This week’s Energetic Weather Report is all about a fresh start to your spiritual practice. Choosing a word that is alignment with your spiritual goals can be a part of that fresh start. I hope you’ll consider choosing a word. Feel free to choose faith for yourself if you want! But give it serious thought. If you consider this word to be like a mantra or your touch stone for the year, it can be powerful, personal magic for you.

And in the same vein, #teamrad and I have decided to offer a FREE masterclass on January 19th (the day after the Merc Retro ends) to help you fly free any lingering doubts or uncertainties you might have from 2022 and zoom right into 2023 with gusto and confidence. It’s called “Three Ways to Make 2023 Your Year!” You can sign up for this FREE event Here! It’s going to be super fun! Come join us!

If you do join us, I hope that when you enter the zoom room that you’ll type the word you chose for yourself in the chat. Let’s see everyone’s words and allow them to inspire others to choose a word for themselves for 2023 as well!


Angel blessings,



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