This month we’re talking about “fresh starts” and this week I want to chat about getting a fresh start with Archangel Michael. Now this is something that I have recent and very poignant experience with. I’ve been working with Archangel Michael for over 20 years. I’ve always liked Michael. I’ve always been appreciative of the magic he brings to the table. However, many of you know that I was very focused on Uriel early on in my spiritual path, and, I was just sort of like “yeah, yeah, Michael, Michael, safety protection. Yes. Got it.” But then 4 years ago I signed a contract with Hay House for the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle cards.

When we talk about a fresh start with Michael, I felt like that’s kind of what I had when I started working on the deck. It’s like I knew Michael, I had worked with him as well as other archangels. Working on this deck really caused me to focus in on him like a laser beam. And with that came an increased sense of what he was like and, or what he was like for me. Because, you know, there are many faces of Archangel Michael. You’ll see lots of them in the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle card deck. For me, Michael has a commanding presence, but it’s not in any way intimidating. In fact, he’s here right now as I write this. Just leaning against the wall grinning at me. 

And I love that because that makes him approachable. That makes him somebody who shows up. It’s like somebody who shows up in your life that makes you feel safe. And when they show up, you’re just like “Hey there!” Archangel Michael is not the blonde hunky, long haired, blue eyed, warrior kind of entity that has somewhat been pushed in recent decades. For me, he’s got dark hair. He does have blue eyes. For me though, Michael is sort of like Clark Kent.

Archangel Michael gets it that his job of safety and protection is not only a super important gig that the Divine has entrusted him with, but also that it’s what we need more than anything right now in the world. I think that one of the reasons why people are so drawn to Michael is because we don’t feel safe. The world doesn’t feel safe right now, and safety and protection is his main gig. And we want that.

Another thing about Michael that I think is important is that he is the archangel of life purpose. He helps us to uncover our life purpose, to discover it and to pursue it.

It’s also important to remember that archangels are omnipresent. You don’t have to worry that if you call on Michael that you are keeping Michael from some greater danger that he was working on. That’s a human thing. We can’t be everywhere at once, but Michael can because he is an element of the Divine. So he can help you at the same time he is helping others. 

Should you want to learn more and spend more time with Archangel Michael, I have a class coming up called Angel Guardians Empowerment and Protection for 2023. It’s a four lesson, once a week course. Lesson 1 is called The Many Faces of Archangel Michael. Lesson 2 is Centering, Clearing and Cleansing. Lesson 3 is Invoking Safety and Protection. And Lesson 4 is Unlocking Confidence and Empowerment. If you’d like to find out more, click here and you can read up all about it!

If you would like to hear a lot more about Michael, check out my podcast, The Angel Tarot Show at where I expand upon this blog. 


Angel blessings,



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