First of all, I’d like to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy 4th of July (also referred to as Independence Day.)  But even if that’s not a day you celebrate, let’s talk about the red, white, and blue angels of independence regardless of where you live. For reasons of my own, I’d like to do this in the order of blue, red, and white.  

Blue is the color of Archangel Michael. Some say royal blue, others say almost purple. For me, I see him as a beautiful sapphire blue color. Archangel Michael is known for helping us to release the past as well as freeing us from other things that hold us back. He’s also known for helping to feel safe, protected, and courageous. All of these elements are helpful for helping us to achieve freedom in our lives.  

Red is a color that is sometimes associated with Archangel Uriel. Others say yellow or gold (which is the color I see him as) but red works too. Archangel Uriel is the archangel of grand epiphanies as well as the archangel of transformation. Brilliant ideas that lead us to the ability to transform our lives is another key element to achieving our own personal versions of independence from things that hold us down.  

Finally, white is the color associated with guardian angels. No one is more equipped to help us as individuals to seize opportunities to find our perfect place in the world. No other human or angel knows us better than our guardian angels. They have the ability to empower us like no other if we only ask for their assistance.  

I think it’s interesting that if you blend red and blue together (presuming that the white doesn’t wash things out too much) you come up with purple. In my friend Dougall Fraser’s book, Your Life in Color, Dougall says that purple is the color of leadership, destiny and purpose. What says independence more than that?

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With you on the journey,







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