I think of prayer as having three natures. Prayers tend to be communication, gratitude, and/or a request. I say “and/or” because we might mix two or all three of those types of prayers together into any particular time we chat up the angels or the Divine. 

We might pray to the Divine that we have certain information that guides our path. When we pray for communication, what we are hoping to receive in return is guidance, signs, or just straight out answers.  

When our prayers are a request, we often are asking for a thing – or possibly an intervention. “Please Universe, I need a new car.” Or “Dear Divine, please don’t let my family members get the flu that is going around.” 

Finally, prayers can be gratitude. This is probably the version of prayer that gets the most neglected. Thank you Source, for giving me answers, keeping my family safe, or providing the opportunity for me to get the material things I need.” Prayers of gratitude are very important, but our crazy lives tend to demand our attention be focused upon what we need in the moment. We often forget to say “thank you” afterwards.  

For me, I think the type of prayer that I send up the most is the communication kind. I am so focused on the messages from our angels that I am constantly asking for feedback. Today when asking the angels for advice, I heard back from them “Well, we’ve been praying to you about this for some time now.”

My response to that was “Wait. What? What do you mean you’ve been praying to me?” My angels then said in return “Well, prayer is just another one of those languages of the Divine you’re always talking about. When you ask us for advice, you ‘pray’ to us. When we respond back to you with messages or signs, it’s just us praying back to you.”

 Well that little piece of information blew my mind. But it also made sense. Prayer is a language of the Divine. And it makes sense that it’s a two way language. If we ask for guidance, of course we are hoping that the communication works two ways.

 Asking tarot or oracle cards for guidance is therefore – in a roundabout way – a form of prayer. We are asking the angels and Source for answers. We are requesting guidance. And the messages that come back to us, are communication from the Divine to help us live the lives we so richly deserve and desire.  

Right now, I’m teaching a three-part webinar on how to work with Tarot to have a more magical life. It’s totally free and starts this week. Here’s the link to sign up. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I (ahem) pray that it helps you to get the answers you’re seeking!


Angel blessings,



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