I’m pulling out all the stops on my manifesting for Christmas this year. Working on the Feng Shui of things. And there’s a reason that will absolutely not shock you.

I’m getting impatient with the Universe when it comes to finding a sibling for our sheltie Riley Grace. Seriously, I’m rapidly approaching the stamping of my feet like an impetuous five-year-old. Along that same train of thought, it struck me to do something that I haven’t done in so long, I couldn’t even begin to tell you when the last time it was that I did it.

I wrote a letter to Santa Claus. After having done it, I highly recommend you try it too. I’ll explain why, but if you want to read my letter to the big guy, you can find it here.

Now before y’all think I’ve lost my mind, just think about it. What’s more positive and uplifting than writing to Father Christmas to ask – in a childlike way – for what I want? I mean seriously. Innocence and optimism are powerful, positive emotions and I always say the Law of Attraction is just as much about emotion as it is thoughts. And besides, it was actually fun. And also, touching and poignant.

I handwrote the letter because my instincts were that it was better to do it that way. Even though my handwriting is usually terrible (as any of you who have had me sign a book know so well) in this case, it came out surprisingly nice. As a teen and young man, my handwriting was great. It just deteriorated as I got older. I don’t know why – maybe from lack of use since I became a writer and everything is typed. However, I am pondering now as I write this to you if the reason it was easy to read was because in writing a letter to Santa, I was reverting back to a younger me. But whatever the reason, I was not just proud of the letter, but also full of hope. I’ve never gotten a dog for Christmas. But this year, I really want one.

I also wrote the letter in red ink as I have been told by a Feng Shui expert that that’s a good thing to do in manifesting. Plus, it’s Santa. Red ink makes sense, right?

Once I finished the letter, I addressed the envelope. I happened to have some postage stamps with Scooby-Do on them (of course I did.) Since I am asking for a dog, I used that stamp. I addressed the letter to:

Santa Claus
The North Pole

But then it occurred to me that I can’t be the only kid asking Santa for something. Maybe there’s an address. And there actually is. It’s:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888

So, I got another envelope (and another Scooby stamp) and filled it out to match. But just as I was about to put my letter in that second envelope, I changed my mind. I understand what the good folks at the United States Postal Service are trying to do, but it also fell flat for me that I would be knowingly sending my letter to Santa to a government agency. So, I set that second envelope aside and went back to my first one. I mean, hey… I’m believing in magic here, so I sent my letter off in the first envelope because I just have more faith in the magic that way.

So why do I suggest you try this? Because it was deeply moving. I felt like a kid again. And I felt like I was touching magic. When was the last time you sent a letter to Santa? Could this be the year? Of course, you could follow Amy Grant’s lead and write a “grown up Christmas list.” And that’s a wonderful thing. But maybe this year, you could just give yourself the magic of a letter to Father Christmas and ask for what you, personally really want. What your inner child is longing for.

It can’t hurt. And I assure you it’ll make you smile. And if you’re like me, it’ll fill you with hope and awe of the season of Light.


Giddy as a 5-year-old,

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