If you have followed my writings for a long time, then you know that I am a big Christmas fan. Over the years, my angels have placed holiday light bulbs along my path in the craziest of ways to remind me to have fun or to “lighten up.” For example, going on an angel walk in June and spotting a bulb lying on the ground in the bushes along a hiking trail. 

I mean seriously… how does that even get there? 

I am somewhat scared of heights so I let the professionals put the lights on my (very high up) roof each year. Just yesterday, I happened to be looking up towards the top of our house and I saw this…


I laughed. I mean c’mon, it’s August and I’m just now noticing these three lights got left on the roof. What’s especially funny is that this has happened every year for the last 3 years. And every year in January, I completely forget to notice if they left that magical trio up there again. My theory is that the angels erase it from my mind so that they can use it to remind me (once again) that I am working too hard and forgetting to leave room for fun. It’s a message for me that I’m so far down the “rabbit hole” of writing that my inner child is being completely ignored.   

When I teach students about tarot, angels, or just generally getting information from the Divine, I always emphasize that “my way” may not be “your way.” I remind students that everyone is different. I offer up my ways as an example – training wheels if you will – as a way to get them started. However, the power of suggestion is powerful and so sometimes my ways become their ways. If they also love Christmas or any of the holidays of the season of Light, then perhaps they will also start bumping into holiday light bulbs in the oddest of ways.   

And honestly, that’s fine. The angels don’t care what your language is. They just want you to pick something and stick with it.    

Whatever makes your heart sing is a part of your Divine language. All that matters is that you note it to yourself so that you can recognize the angel signs when they present themselves.   

Pay attention to your own Divine language. Keep a journal of the signs that seem to be showing up over and over. Create your own personal Divine dictionary!

Speaking of “Divine dictionaries,” tarot is definitely a language of the Divine.  And guess what?  I have a new FREE 3-part webinar series with Hay House starting on August 18th, but you can sign up now so that you don’t miss a moment of the fun!  Click here for the link.

Hope to “see” you there! 

Angel blessings,

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