As you may have noticed, I have been changing things up in 2023 by picking a theme for a every month. For March, the theme is taking your Divine gifts and developing them into a spiritually based business. Whether you are into that concept at this point in your life or not, it is still going to be a fascinating month to learn just how things like spiritually based business are birthed and then flourished. For today’s blog, I have asked my friend and marketing guru, Muni Syed for some quotes to shed light on the marketing side of things.

Now, yes… I know… marketing is something that some people (in particular, sensitive, spiritual types) consider to be at the very least, intimidating and at the worst plain flat out “icky-ew-ew.” But I promise, it can be very different than you think. When I asked Muni what he thought about why people might be drawn to creating a spiritually based business, he said:

“I think that people are looking for something else. People are looking for a way to express themselves. To take the gifts that they have always had, or maybe that they are awakening to later in life, and asking themselves what is the reason that I have this? Why do I have this thing? Why do I have this gift? What am I supposed to do with it? Many are realizing that the time for keeping their gifts hidden and all to themselves has passed…  There is an opportunity to take that kind of infinite part of themselves and be able to do something with it here on earth instead of it just being this concept that is far, far away. And I don’t want people to have to do this part alone. Of course, there are many ways that they could start a business, but why not do it in a way that aligns with their spiritual thought processes and their spiritual beliefs?” 

I think that in some ways, it is easier now than it ever has been to create a spiritually based business. If you have a laptop and/or a phone, you have access to Zoom and social media. You have the tools to automate things behind the scenes that can immediately get your business going. However, it can also be very complex and complicated if you are not technical or social-media savvy.

If you would like to hear more, check out my podcast “The Angel Tarot Show” with special guest, Muni Syed on Muni and I explain a LOT about how to get things going no matter if you are a techy or not.

Also, if you are interested in learning even more specifics, Muni and I are doing a FREE 3-Part LIVE Video Training on how to get your spiritually based business going. You can visit here to sign up and to get the scoop directly from Muni and I!

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